PDF Search Engine

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PDF Search Engine is a simple and straight forward search tool for finding ebooks. You can either search from the website or use the provided search extension and add it to your Firefox search bar. Find PDF (Adobe Acrobat files) and other documents using the power of Google. Search engine dedicated to finding the most […]

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35 Stunning Designs from Dribbble

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Dribbble is a network of very talented graphic designers and digital artists from all around the world. Here the community is able to share small photos (or shots) onto their profile and critique others’ work. The list features icons, UI elements, buttons, vectors, and so much more!

For your inspiration, here are 35 stunning Dribbble shots. These are a mixed variety of artists offering some seriously amazing talent in the field of digital graphics. Aspiring artists are able to absorb a lot from the talents of each member and the community at large.

skyscrapers golf

An Epic Website

HipnHopeful website mascot

Nintendo inspired seal

Website splash page


Bear Characters

Cookery Website Teaser

Dashboard Stats

Website Thumbs


Delitouch mobile website

Haäfe&Haph Website Teaser

Balloon Landing

Minimal Forum Site Design

First pass

Magic Teaser Icon


Photography Website UI

Sky balloon website

Sensecall Update

bear logo

HTML5 drag-and-drop

Teaser Header

Keytar Website

Children’s Book Website

User tools

Illustration for new Subvert website

Rocket Website Header


personal website

Online Store

Friendly Social Footer

iDoCafe Web Header


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8 Free High-Quality Fonts for Your Designs

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You should know the routine by now. We do the searching, find the freebies, and tell you about them. That way you can spend time doing what’s important, like creating awesome web designs. It’s all about saving you time and making your job easier. So this week we’ve got 8 free high-quality fonts for your designs. Enjoy!

Dock 11

free fonts

Alpha 63

free fonts

Pompadour Numeral Set

free fonts

Linden Hill

free fonts


free fonts


free fonts


free fonts


free fonts

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WDL Premium: Illustrated Koi Fish Vectors

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Here’s an amazing set of vectors for our WDL Premium Members. This pack from Designious is a collection of 10 Japanese inspired Koi Fish illustrations. Inside you’ll find vectors in different poses: surrounded by water, all drawn in the spirit of Japanese traditional art.

Be sure to check out Designious for more design resources.


Here’s a preview of the vectors.

koi fish

Download Koi Fish Vectors

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About this Partner

DesigniousDesignious Designious is a small design studio specialized in creating amazing vector art and design elements for designers

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Font Size Measures: Options and Preferences

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What is the Most Important Element in Designing Your Website? When you begin to design that perfect website, what do you think is the very first thing that you should be concerned with? Color? Templates? Graphic design? No. The first thing on the agenda should be font size.

“Font size,” you say? “Why should one be concerned with something as mundane as font size when there’s a whole website to be concerned about? So, you must be joking, right?”

Image Credit: Dekar Font from Fontfabric

Font Size Must Be the First Consideration

Sorry, this is no joke. Font size can, and will, make or break your website. The fact is that if your website is not readable, no one will stick around to try and decipher it, no matter how attractive the site may look at first glance.

The font size needs to be considered with care; a too large font can be just as unreadable as a font that looks like an array of tiny dots, no matter how hard you try to focus.

Four Ways to Consider Font Sizes

Fonts sizes are usually defined in four specific ways:

1. Absolute
2. Relative
3. Length
4. Percentage

Font sizes that are absolute are defined by the user-agent. These include the familiar xx-small all the way to xx-large; the default size usually being the x-medium. When a font size is relative, it means it is relative to the parent element, which makes it either larger, smaller or the exact size.

Length usually means a font that has some absolute measurement, such as an inch or centimeter, while a percentage is an absolute font that is relative to the parent element.

Reader Accessibility is Top Priority

One thing to remember in selecting the correct size for your typography is how accessible it will be to your readers. If your readers are mostly young adults, a smaller size may work but if you are wanting to appeal to a more mature audience, then your best bet is to choose a font size that is not only larger, but extremely readable.

Ems or Pixels?

A good accessibility trick is to create your design in ems. This function lets your chosen fonts become larger or smaller according to your readers’ individual browsers. Designing in ems allows the size of the font to become relative to the parent element. On most websites this would designate the font to be sized relative to the user’s browser.

One word of caution – one issue to consider in the use of ems is the possibility of not controlling the look of your site. With ems, your website fonts will scale relative to the default size of the browser, which can sometimes create a rather wild font size.

If desiring control over the look of your site is a must, then the alternative, and possibly best option, is to create in pixels. Pixels are the standard and results will usually hold few surprises in the look you want for your website.

Just remember, whatever decisions you make for website viewing, always consider your reading accessibility and the comfort of your visitors. This one area can make or break your website.

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